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    About the drug Aurogra.

    What is Aurogra?

    Aurogra is an Indian remedy which contains the active substance sildenafil. In most cases, this substance is used to treat disorders of the reproductive system in men after eighteen years associated with erectile dysfunction. In connection with frequent nervous stresses, fatigue, improper intake of harmful food, the problem of the erection process is a residual phenomenon. The male penis receives insufficient blood, which slows down the erection. The substance sildenafil, which is the main component of Viagra, is a reliable assistant in increasing the blood pressure, which must enter the penis, thereby increasing and causing an erection.

    Aurogra tablets

    How Aurogra Works?

    Active ingredient of Aurogra is sildenafil. Due to the neutralization of the actions of certain enzymes in the body increases the flow of the necessary amount of blood into the male sexual organ, so that a man can control an erection, without making premature ejaculation. During Aurogra taking, proximity can last for several hours usually from four to six.

    When Aurogra Used?

    The main task of Aurogra is to improve not only a persistent erection during stimulation but also to maintain the hardness of the penis during the action of the drug. Aurogra when appointed by a specialist can act as an effective medicine for normalization of libido. In some cases, Aurogra is prescribed as part of preventative treatment taken by the doctor's prescription for an early cure for problems with potency. In general, doctors prescribe a dose of 100 mg of sildenafil. In some cases, you can reduce the dose of the remedy due to the presence of individual abnormalities in the operation of certain vital systems. Before using Aurogra, you should consult your doctor to avoid problems with taking the remedy.

    Aurogra vs Viagra

    The chemical formula of the remedy is based on the original Viagra, so Aurogra has exactly the same efficacy as the branded remedy. The active substance of both Viagra and Aurogra is Sildenafil, which means that the remedy is also intended for the treatment of erectile disorders of any origin. Unlike Viagra, Aurogra is much cheaper than Viagra. The remedy Aurogra is completely safe for the male body.

    Aurogra Reviews

    Reliable feedbacks of the customers about the efficiency of Aurogra.

    At some point, there were problems with potency on the background of psychological trauma. Then I decided to try Aurogra and it worked as it should. I was pleased with a long time of action. It has no side effects compared to its analogs.

    I had erectile dysfunction associated with the mental dysfunction of this process. When I was taking Aurogra, all my masculine functions worked as expected. Side effects from taking the drugwere not observed.

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