Schedule Coming Soon on Lanyrd

This year we are using Lanyrd to create the schedule for ProductCamp DC. Although we still need to wait for the survey results to fill in the session titles and speakers, we would like registrants to create profiles now. This will help create an online community for the event, as well as save you time at the event, since you will already have a profile created.

Did you know that all registered attendees of ProductCamp DC decide the schedule? Yes, that is you!

You can use Twitter or LinkedIn (or both) to very quickly create a profile on Lanyrd. Using either one helps with networking, since you can make use of the connections you already have with those networks. Lanyrd can be accessed via the web, or via an app on your phone or tablet. It also is a collaborative community where everyone can upload any event artifacts (videos, slides, podcasts, handouts, sketchnotes, photos etc).

Happy Hour Location Announced

ProductCamp DC is on Saturday, October 11th from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at LivingSocial in Washington, DC and the schedule is starting to come together.

One of our sponsors, General, will be hosting the happy hour immediately following the event. It will be at the General Assembly Campus (1133 15th Street NW, 8th Floor, Washington DC 20005) from 5 PM to 8 PM. All registered attendees are invited to attend. It is a very easy 10 minute walk away from the LivingSocial offices. More details to follow soon. Please plan on joining us there!

If you haven’t already, register now. Didn’t get a ticket before they ran out? Don’t worry, there is a waitlist.

Session Proposal Deadline TOMORROW – Sept 22

Did you know that the session proposal deadline is TOMORROW – Monday, September 22nd? Act now, as all session proposals must be submitted online this year. See the sessions page for detailed instructions and the link to submit.

Need help coming up with an idea?

  • Not sure what a session is like? There are six formats and eight categories to help define your session.
  • Don’t want to talk the whole time? Great! Each session is only 45 minutes long, and are meant to be very interactive. We can learn equally from both the speakers and audience.
  • Using slides? Keep them to a minimum helps keep the audience engaged, and have less prep.
  • Don’t want to present by yourself? Ask your co-workers, friends, or anyone else interested to join you. Each session can have up to four speakers.
  • See the sessions page to learn more, and of course, submit your proposal. The clock is ticking!
Remember that the more proposals received, the more choices you will have during voting.

Session Proposal Deadline Now a Week Away – Sept 22

All session proposals must be submitted online this year – due by Monday, September 22nd. See the sessions page for detailed instructions and the link to submit.

Remember, anyone and everyone who works with product is welcome to attend and present.

Proposing is much easier than you think! Check out the new formats for info about each. Ask your co-workers, friends, and all interested to join in.

What is ProductCamp DC?

ProductCamp DC is the premiere event for Product Management and Product Marketing professionals to teach to, learn from, and network with each other. A ProductCamp is an “unconference”, meaning no sales presentations, no pre-set agenda, and best of all, FREE to you! Your only cost is your participation – bring your ideas, lead a session in your area of expertise, facilitate a roundtable discussion, network, or volunteer.